About Me

Hi, I’m Rieko. I’m Japanese currently living in Malaysia. I love to cook, bake and travel here and there finding new exciting ingredients and local foods. I’ll record all my recipes and photos of what I’ve made on this new blog so that I can share my cooking and baking ideas to everyone. Professionally, I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Paris with Grande Patissiere diploma and worked as a pastry chef for a while in France, the US and Japan.


Other than creating something in my kitchen, I’m fond of painting and blogging. I have two blogs in Japanese; one is for baking and the other one is for life in Malaysia and cooking. I’m happily married and we have a young male cat, Misha which just experienced a long airplane ride from Japan to Malaysia with us.

While in Malaysia, I’m a full-time house maker who enjoys experimenting new amazing ingredients in cooking and pastry-making. Those items are exotic spices, a bit pungent herbs, tropical fruits and vegetables. How lucky I am! Both my life and culinary experiences are getting richer and fuller by living and relishing this beautiful country of Malaysia!

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